Ole Originals Teams up with Vanni Sartini to support BC SPCA

Ole Originals invites you to elevate your style with a meaningful touch with our Coach Vanni Sartini collaboration.

This limited edition collection of three designs isn't just about fashion – it's about making a difference. 25% of the proceeds will go directly to the BC SPCA (British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). 

The Vanni Couver Design: Timeless Vibes
Relive the 70s with the Vanni Couver design, that highlights Vancouver's old Sears Tower. In this version Coach Sartini leads the way to BC Place, adding a dynamic twist to a classic look.

Vanni Lions Gate Design: Iconic Update
The Vanni Lions Gate design reinvents one of our most popular designs by swapping "Vancouver" for "Vanni" under the iconic Lions Gate Bridge. It's a fusion of local pride and sports fervor.

Andiamo Design: Embrace Motivation
"Andiamo," translating to "Let's Go" in Italian, fuels Coach Vanni's teams. Wear it as your personal motivator, embodying determination.

Making a Stylish Impact
Ole Originals and Coach Vanni Sartini unite style, sportsmanship, and compassion. Your wardrobe becomes a canvas for change – grab these limited designs and join the movement. Each shirt is hand-printed in East Vancouver and we're sure they'll be your new favourite shirt.