At Ole Originals we’ve always believed that a proud community is a strong community and it’s this sentiment that was behind our decision to feature geographical places in our retro graphics and t-shirt designs. Our motto, “Love where you’re from”, grew out of this.

In early 2019 the Ole Originals creative team got together and decide that we needed to reach out to our growing #OleCommunity and give back in a meaningful way. It the past we had teamed up with the Union Gospel Mission and sold shirts with their logo on it to raise funds for them.

This time we wanted to take it up a notch and we asked our fans on social media about groups they thought we could support. The response was overwhelming and the decision was made to reach out to North Shore Rescue.

Ole Originals and North Shore Rescue collaboration

North Shore Rescue is a volunteer community-based search and rescue team. They are a non-profit that was going through some lean times. Our in-house design team created a new t-shirt design ("North Shore") specific to their group and proposed that we sell it with 25% of the profits going directly to their association.

Photo of Mike Danks and North Shore Rescue

To say the collaboration was a success is an understatement! Within days of the launch of this design Ole Originals was overwhelmed with orders. We had hoped to raise upwards of a thousand dollars and hoped to be able to make a donation of that significance within a year. To everyone's astonishment we were able to deliver Mike Danks of North Shore Rescue a cheque in the amount of $4170.00 within the first three months!

Ole Originals presents a donation cheque to Mike Danks of North Shore Rescue

Demand for this design was undoubtedly driven by the fact that the fans of North Shore Rescue are ardent supporters but we like to think that our expanded collection, including caps, toques and embroidered patches, made it easier for everyone to get behind the group and support them. 

The Ole Originals North Shore Clothing Collection
Our collaboration was featured in an article in the North Shore News and to date we have raised over $6500 for this amazing group. 
Find out more about the amazing team of volunteers keeping the North Shore safe here: